Using VPOS

This article explains how to use VPOS devices. 

Getting started

Turning on the device

  1. Power button for the device can be found to the right behind the screen:

  • Press the button once for the device to start. You will hear a short beep.

  • VPOS has a blue LED on the screen that is on when device is turned on:

Managing VPOS

Connecting a mouse or keyboard

  • To connect a device to a USB port, you will first have to remove the interface cover. Press on the striped part of the lid and slide the lid off:

  • With the lid removed, connect the device to any of the available USB ports:

  • Place the interface lid back on the device. 

Types of cables

There are several types of cables used with VPOS:

  • 2 COM cables (sometimes labeled as COM1 and COM2). Note that these cables are not interchangeable with similar cables from other POS devices:

  • VPOS has an additional COM port on the interface board:

  • Ethernet cable:

  • Power Supply Unit (PSU):

  • PSU has a green LED that is on when PSU is connected to power and operational:

Connecting a card reader

Connecting a card reader to VPOS is a process that requires some basic skill with a screwdriver. You will need a small diameter Phillips screwdriver. 

  • Decide where you want the card reader located, on the right or left hand side, when facing the screen. Due to ergonomic reasons, card readers are most often placed on the right side of the screen. 
  • Open the card reader package:

  • Remove the protective cover from the interface by flipping it out:

  • Gently pull out one of the cables, use the one with the narrower contact (4 pins):

  • Connect the card reader to the cable:

  • Lift the POS device and secure the card reader with the provided screw:

Connecting a customer display

Connecting a customer display to VPOS is a process that requires basic skill with a screwdriver. You will need a small diameter Phillips screwdriver. Both the 2 line and the LCD customer display are connected the same way.

  • Customer display package contents (2 line customer display):

  • Customer display package contents (LED customer display):

  • Remove the protective cover by flipping it out:

  • Connect the customer display to the interface cable:

  • Secure the customer display with the screws provided:

What's next?

For info on how to use VPOS with Domino, check out Logging into Domino.

For info on troubleshooting VPOS devices, check out Troubleshooting VPOS.


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