Reviewing Tickets in Backoffice

This guide explains how to find your way around Tables in Backoffice. 

  • Log in to Domino with your restaurant manager login code. 
  • Enter Backoffice by selecting Cash in the upper left corner and then selecting Backoffice:


  • In Backoffice mode, select Sales and Tickets tabs to access the Tickets section:

Navigating the Tickets section

Tickets section is divided into five windows:

  • Totals
  • Filter
  • Tickets list
  • Ticket info
  • Ticket actions


Totals display the total value of closed and open tickets for the filtered period:


Filter displays the possible ticket filters, according to date or other parameters:

Tickets list

Displays the filtered ticket list:

The selected ticket changes its color to orange. The columns in the table are:

Nr: Ticket number
PcNr: Number of the POS device that created the ticket.
Lbl: Ticket status abbreviation - For more info on Ticket status abbreviations, check out Reviewing tickets.
Status: Ticket status - For more info on Ticket status , check out Reviewing tickets.
TotalPrice: Total amount of the ticket.
TotalToPay: Total amount after discounts.
TotalPaid: Total amount paid when closing the ticket. 
TotalTip: Total tip on the ticket. 
VipPrice: Amount paid with VIP payment method (displayed separately since it can't be combined with other payment methods.
BilledOn: Date and time when ticket payment was completed. 
User: Name of the user that created the ticket. 
TableNr: Name of table if used. 
Covers: Number of covers (if used).
Customer: Customer name (if used).
Internal: Internal account name.
Name: Custom name configured in Sales mode using the Name button:
Does not display a default table name. Alternatively, in case Karma or Buddy are used, this field displays Buddy/Karma order number. 
Center: Center used when creating the ticket.
Paymodes: Paymode used to complete the payment. 

Ticket action

Displays possible actions with a selected ticket.

Reprint: Prints a copy of the selected ticket receipt on the receipt printer. Note that in Sweden (black-box version) only 2 receipt copies are allowed by law. 

PrintList: Prints visible receipts in A4 format on desktop printer, if any is configured in Init / PC:

Print A4: Prints a copy of the selected receipt on an A4 (desktop) printer.  if any is configured in Init / PC.

Send as e-mail: Sends a selected ticket receipt via e-mail. 

ResendInvoice: Resends selected ticket invoice to integrations such as Fortnox or Hogia. 

Export: Exports the selected ticket if any export is configured (accounting or similar).
Fortnox - Hold Shift+Alt and select Export to export all visible tickets to Fortnox (select Yes on popup).
Personalkollen - Hold Ctrl and select Export to export all visible tickets to Personalkollen (select Yes on popup). 

ReSync: Triggers resync of selected ticket between clients, server, and HQ (if HQ is configured). Works the same if run on a client, server, or HQ. Hold Shift to resync all visible tickets. Does not create doubles if used repeatedly. 

Reset course: Resets current course on a selected ticket. 

Ticket info

Displays the selected ticket info:

Ticket info window is divided into four tabs:

  • Lines: products that were a part of the ticket:

  • Orders: each action (Order) that was performed on this ticket:

  • Details: all the details of the selected order.

  • Preview: displays the printed receipt. 



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