What are KDS, BDS and PSS

Kitchen Display System (KDS), Bar Display System (BDS) and Prep Status System (PSS) are Trivecs native solutions developed to improve the efficiency of kitchen and bar operations. Tickets are displayed on touch-sensitive screens, which enables the system to automate certain actions and offer a clear overview over the status of each product ordered. 

The purpose of KDS, BDS and PSS is to replace paper tickets completely, however, they can be set up to work alongside the paper ticket printers.

Kitchen Display System (KDS)

KDS is used in kitchens. 


For more info on KDS, check out What is KDS.

Bar Display System (BDS)

BDS is used in bars. 

For more info on BDS, check out What is BDS.

Prep Status System (PSS)

PSS displays the ticket status on a screen (Preparing/Prepared). 


For more info on PSS, check out What is PSS.

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