Center, Workflows and Tip

This article explains how to configure Buddy settings such as Center, Workflow and Tip. 

To be able to complete this step, your MyTrivec username has to be registered as Site Owner. To request a change in site ownership, contact Trivec Support. 


  • In the left-side menu, select Buddy and Settings:


  • Select Edit:


  • Select the Default center from the list:


  • Center can also be configured on QR codes that users scan, this is just a default fallback center used if the center is not otherwise configured. 
  • Configure Workflow settings depending on how you want Buddy to work:
    • Table selection: If enabled, the user can select a table in Buddy:


    • Table scan: If enabled, Buddy will read the table number value from the QR code. 
    • Pickup: If enabled, pickup mode will be available in the app - Buddy will request an email and pickup time:


    • If multiple modes are enabled, the user will be able to choose the desired mode before checkout:


      • Tip: If enabled, the "Add tip" button will be visible in Buddy, enabling the user to add a tip before checkout. 
      • Tip limit (%): Configures the maximum tip percentage allowed. 
      • E-mail field mandatory: If enabled, the user has to enter their email address to continue with checkout. 

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