Buddy products

This guide explains how to add products to your Buddy product list. 

Supported product types

Product types that work with Buddy:

  • Sales products
  • Menu products
  • Sales products with auto-addons
  • Combo products with parts

Product types that DO NOT work with Buddy:

  • Windows on product page
  • Windows on menu
  • Addons on product page
  • Discount product
  • Pax product
  • Combo products with Addons
  • Cash in product
  • Cash out product
  • Extra price on menu product part is not supported
  • Autoaddon on a menu part is not supported

Creating Buddy product pages

Each page represents a different section on the product list in Buddy. Product page name is visible above the product section in Buddy, e.g. "Snacks" and "Coffee":


  • To create a new Buddy page, go to Backoffice / Sales / Products
  • In the Page window, select the Add symbol:


  • Configure the PageNr (controls the ordering), Name (section name in Buddy) and Info (for easier overview), make sure only InApp is enabled, and confirm with OK:


  • It is recommended that you enable the visibility of the Info column. To do that, right-click anywhere in the Page list and select Choose columns:


  • Check the Info checkbox and confirm with OK:


  • Now the Info column is visible, making it easier to have an overview of which pages are used with Buddy:


  • Drag and drop the products to the Buddy Product page. For more info on how to do that, check out Managing Product Pages.
  • The order in which products appear in Buddy is determined by the order in which you drag and drop them to the product page. That means that to make changes to a page, you have to delete all products from a page and start again. 

Adding images to products


  • For info on how to add images to products, check out the Product images guide.

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