Getting started with Swish

This article explains the steps that need to be done before you can start using Swish. 

Swish with Buddy & Handy

Register for Swish for companies

To start using Buddy with Swish, your company needs to apply for “Handelsavtal” at your bank by providing the Trivec Technical supplier number 9871606928S.

Link your Swish account with Buddy/Handy

To be able to complete this step, your MyTrivec username has to be registered as Site Owner. To request a change in site ownership, contact Trivec Support. 


  • Select Buddy and Swish:

  • Select Start Onboarding:

  • Make sure you have the 123 number (provided by your bank) before continuing. To continue, select OK, I am ready:

  • Enter your 123 Swish number and select Try if it works:

  • If there are no issues reported, select Confirm to finalize the registration. 


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