What is Atos


Atos is a Belgian Payment solution supplier that supplies integrated card terminals to the Belgium market. Card terminals are used with Domino and Handy. 


Atos Worldline logo - Argyris Kalogeratos Argyris Kalogeratos


If the terminal is connected to a POS device, reporting can be made from the Domino. For more info, check out the following guide: Olap.

If the terminal isn't connected to a POS device, contact Worldline for info on how to access reports: Worldline support.


The devices that can be connected to POS are: 

 - Yomani terminals

For more info on Atos devices, check out Atos Terminals.

Replacement Procedure

Atos devices are not sold and or maintained by Trivec. The customers acquires the terminals directly from Atos Worldline. For help with replacement, contact Worldline support.

What's next?

For more info on using the Atos device with Domino, check out: Using an Atos terminal.

For help with devices that are not connected to a POS device, contact Worldline support.

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