Managing Product Page content

This guide explains how to manage product pages and their content. 

  • To display the content of a product page, select the Designer link:


  • Page contents will be displayed in the lower right corner of the screen:


  • To preview how the page looks like in the Sales mode, select Preview in the lower end of the window:


  • A preview of the Page will display:


Rearranging products on pages

  • To rearrange products on pages, left-click, drag and drop the product icons:


  • Product icon has now been relocated on the page:


Removing products from pages

  • To remove a product from the page, select the product icon and select Delete:


Adding products to pages

  • To add a product to the page, left-click the product, drag and release it on the Product page:


  • Product has now been added to the page:


Looking up products from/on pages

  • To find the product that is added to the Page, double-click the product icon, this will display the Product in the Product window and Product group tree:


  • To find out which page the product is added to, select the product in the Product window and the Page that it is added to will change its color to green:


What's next?

To manage Product Windows, check out Product windows.

To manage Addon pages, check out Addons.

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