Product windows

This guide explains how to work with product windows. 

Product windows are used for grouping products on pages and are basically product pages within product pages. For example, instead of having 20 different red wines taking all that space in the Drinks page, you can have them inside of a "Red wine" window. That way there is only one icon on the Drinks page (Red wine), if you select it, all the red wine products are displayed and you can choose the one you want. 

Accessing product windows

Product windows are located in the lower left window of the Backoffice / Sales / Product page.

  • To display product windows, select Product Window tab:


Creating new product windows

  • To create a new product window, select the Add Window symbol:


  • New Product Window menu will be displayed:


  • Following settings can be configured:
    • PageNr - Determines the order in which windows are displayed, the higher the number, the lower on the list the window will be. This only affects the Product Window order in the Backoffice
    • Name - Name of the window.
    • Info - ?
    • Auto Close - enabling this setting closes the Product Window as soon as one product is selected in Sales mode. With this setting disabled, you will have to select OK to close the product window. 
    • Color - configures the window icon color
    • InApp - enables product window in apps (such as Buddy or ???)
    • InCash - enables product window in Cash mode
    • InKiosk - enables product window in Kiosk mode
  • For the purpose of this example, we will enter PageNr - "1" and Name - "Bar Snacks" and select OK to confirm:


  • A product window has now been created.

Editing product window properties

  • To edit product window properties, select a window on the list and select the Edit window symbol:


  • Edit Window properties menu is divided into tabs:

Deleting product windows

Product windows are deleted the same way product pages are. For info check out Products: Managing Product Pages.

Displaying the contents of a product window

  • Select the Designer link to display the content of the window:


  • Product window has now opened in as a new tab in the page window - notice the (w) in the tab that indicates "window":


Adding products to windows

  • To add products to the product window, left-click a product, drag and release it inside the product window grid:


  • Repeat the process with all the products that you wish to add to the window. The result should look similar to this:


  • If you want to, you can select Preview to see how the window will be displayed in the Sales mode:


Adding a window to a product page

  • To add the product window to the product page, select it on the list, drag and drop it on the product page:


  • Product window has now been added to the product page. Select Preview to see how the product page will look like in the Sales mode:


  • Notice the "W" in the upper right corner of the icon, indicating  that it is a window product:


Removing windows from product pages

Product windows are removed from product pages like any other product icon.

  • To remove a window product from a product page, select its icon and select Delete:


What's next?

To find out how to manage addons, check out Addons.

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