Managing Product Pages

This guide explains how to manage product pages.

Products placed on product Pages are visible in the Cash mode. They are located in the lower left window of the Backoffice / Sales / Product page:


Creating a new page

  • To create a new page, select the Add Page symbol on the Page window:


  • New Product Page menu will display:


  • Following settings can be configured:
    • PageNr - Determines the order in which pages are displayed, the higher the number, the lower on the list the page will be. This selection affects the order of pages on the Sales page as well. 
    • Name - Name of the page.
    • Info
    • InApp - Enables page visibility in apps (such as Buddy or ???).
    • InCash - Enables page visibility in Cash mode.
    • InKiosk - Enables page visibility in Kiosk devices. 
    • InRemote - Enables page visibility in mobile devices (such as Handy). 
  • For the purpose of this example, we will enter PageNr - "3" and Name - "Specials", enable InRemote and select OK to confirm:


  • A new page has been created, observe that it's position on the list is after 1 - Top and before 5 - Food, since the PageNr we used is 3:


Quick-Editing an existing page

  • To quick-edit pages in the page list, select the Unlock symbol in the upper left corner to toggle Edit mode:


  • With the Edit mode activated, you can make changes to the page settings, e.g. rename it:


  • Remember to select the Unlock symbol again to apply the changes and deactivate the Edit mode:


Editing page properties

  • To edit page properties, select a page on the list and select the Edit page symbol:


  • Edit Page properties menu is divided into tabs:
    • Properties - Standard page properties, explained in Creating a new page.
    • PC Groups - Controls page visibility filtering by PC group. 
    • Userrole - Controls page visibility filtering by User role.
    • Centers - Controls page visibility filtering by Center.
    • Translations
    • Background

Deleting a page

Deleting a page does not really delete the page, a page is instead put "on hold", meaning it is hidden and no longer active. Deleting it from the system is not technically possible. 

  • To delete a page, select a page and select the Delete Page symbol:


  • Select Yes to confirm page deletion:


  • Page has now been deleted.

Restoring deleted pages

  • To display the deleted pages, select Hold:


  • Deleted pages (on hold) are displayed in red. To restore a page, select it and select the Delete symbol again:


  • Select Yes to confirm page restoration:


  • Page has now been restored. Remember to select Hold again to exit Hold mode:


What's next?

To learn how to manage content of product pages, check out Managing Product Page content

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