Managing products

This guide explains how to manage products.

All existing products and some of their basic properties are displayed in the Product window:


Product displayed in the Product list are filtered by the selected Product group or by typing in the "search field". For more info on product groups, check out: Products: Product groups

Quick-editing products

  • To quick-edit products in the product list, select the Unlock symbol in the upper left corner to toggle Edit mode:


  • Notice the icon change to Edit mode:


  • Now you can change the info/values in the table directly:


  • When you're complete, make sure to select the Unlock symbol again to apply the changes and exit Edit mode:


Creating a copy of a product

  • To create a copy of an existing product, select a product and select Copy:


  • This is useful when creating a new product similar to existing products, it means that you don't have to configure all the settings again, you just create a copy and quick-edit the name and price. 

Adding a new product

  • To add a new product, make sure you have selected the lowest level Product group, otherwise, the Add Product symbol will be greyed-out:


  • After selecting the lowest level group in the Product groups tree (where the product will be created), select the Add Product symbol:


  • This will display the Select type menu:


  • Select Sales Product


  • New Sales Product menu is complex, but these are the key values:
    • Name - name of the product, displayed in reports
    • Price - price of the product
    • AskPrice - enables or disables the prompt to enter the price when selecting a product in Sales mode (used when product price varies, e.g. daily catch)
    • Prep group - configures the prep routing of the product (which prep printer/display receives the product order)
  • For a complete list of product types and settings, check out: Products: Product types
  • Enter Name and Price:


  • Scroll down and select the Prep group and select OK to create a product:


  • You will receive an info message that next available product serial number has been assigned to the product:


  • A new product is now created:


Configuring product properties

  • To configure advanced properties of a product, select a product and select the Edit Product symbol:


  • Edit Product menu displayed:


  • Edit Product menu is divided in pages:
    • Properties - product configuration settings, for more info check out Products: Product types
    • Prices - configures used price codes and price groups
    • Windows - Product windows can be added here, they will pop up when the product is pressed on the product page.
    • Addons - configures which addon pages are automatically displayed when selecting a product in Sales mode
    • Centers - disables and enables the product for specific centers
    • Fields - Used for "Cook-times" in QSR
    • Parts - displays which products are components of this product
    • Translations - Multiple translations can be added that follow the user's language settings.
    • BarCodes - used to configure barcodes when using a barcode scanner

Mass changing product settings

Advanced functionality used to overwrite settings of several products. Use only if you absolutely know what you're doing.

  • To use mass change, select a group in the Product group tree and select Change


Deleting a product

Deleting a product does not really delete the product, the product is instead put "on hold", meaning it is hidden and no longer active. Deleting it from the system is not technically possible. 

  • To delete a product, select a product and select a Delete symbol:


  • Select Yes to confirm product deletion:


  • Product has now been deleted.

Restore deleted products

  • To display the deleted products, select Hold:


  • Deleted products (on hold) are displayed in red. To restore a product, select it and select Delete symbol again:


  • Select Yes to confirm restoration of product:


  • Product has now been restored. Remember to select Hold again to exit Hold mode:


Showing, hiding and rearranging Columns

  • To show or hide columns, right click on any empty space in the Products window and select Choose Columns:


  • Select which columns you want to show or hide and confirm with OK.
  • To rearrange the order of columns, click and hold a column and move it left or right. 

What's next?

To configure the product pages, check out Product pages.

To configure the product windows, check out Product windows.

For more info on different product types, check out Product types.

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