Product groups

This guide explains how to manage Product groups in Backoffice. 

For easier management and overview, Products are placed in groups, displayed in the Product groups window:


Displaying group content

  • To display products within a group, select a product group from the list:


  • To display all products again, select the root group, in this case, "Products":


Expanding and collapsing groups

Groups are organized hierarchically, sometimes called a product group tree. 

  • To collapse or expand product groups select the "+" and "-" symbols:


  • To expand or collapse all groups, select the Expand All or Collapse All symbols:


Creating new groups

  • To create a new group, select the Add Group symbol:


  • New Group menu will display:


  • In the New Group menu, the following values can be configured:
    • Name - what's displayed in the Product groups window
    • Data - used for bookkeeping purposes to identify product group
    • GroupNr - used by hotel systems to identify product group
    • Color - configures the color of the group 
    • VatCode - configures the primary VAT percentage for the group
    • VatCode2 - configures the secondary VAT percentage for the group (most often TakeAway)
    • GroupLevel - displays the group level in the group tree. To change this value, select a lower or higher level group and then select the Add group symbol. 

Editing existing product groups

  • To edit a group, select a group and then select the Edit Group symbol:


Deleting product groups 

  • To delete a group, select a group and then select the Delete Group symbol:


What's next?

To learn how to manage products, check out: Managing products.

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