Managing products in Backoffice

This guide explains how to manage Product groups in Backoffice. 

How to access the product section

  • Log in to Domino with your restaurant manager login code. 
  • Select Cash in the upper left corner and select Backoffice:


  • In Backoffice mode, select Sales and Products:


Navigating the Product section

Product section is divided into three windows:

  • Product groups
  • Products
  • Pages, product windows, addons and menus:

Product groups


Product groups are used to group products into categories for a better overview and easier management. 

For more info on Product groups, check out Products: Product groups.



Products are the items sold, in this view you can edit the product properties and create new products.

For more info on Managing products, check out Products: Managing products.

Pages, product windows, addons and menus:


This window displays all configured pages, product windows, addons and menus. This is also where you can edit them and create new ones.

What's next?

For more info on Product pages, check out Product pages.
For more info on Managing Products, check out Managing products
For more info on Product windows, check out Product windows.
For more info on Addons, check out Addons.

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