Placing an order

This guide explains how to place an order on a table. 

Selecting a table using the table map

  • Log into Domino (for info on how to log in, check out Logging into Domino).
  • Select the Tables tab:


  • To navigate different table plans and switch to grid, select the tabs above the table plan:


  • To start using a table, select a table icon and select Activate:


  • Products screen will display with one small change, above the order list you will notice that table 1 is selected:


  • Now select a product to add it to the order list and select Send to confirm the order:


Selecting a table using the order list window

  • You can activate a table by selecting the space around the Table text in the order list:


  • Doing that will display the table plan. Select the table to activate:


  • Table has now been activated:


  • Select a product and select Send to send the order, as described above. 

What's next?

To move and split orders between tables, check out Moving and splitting products between tables.

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