Split payments by the products

This guide explains how to complete the payment process by splitting the payment by the products. 

Splitting payments by the products

  • To open the payment menu, select the Cash symbol on the table menu:


  • Review the order and select Next or Payment symbols:


  • To split by the products, select Split:


  • Select the products in the left column to move the to the Pay column (the right one):


  • After products are moved to the Pay column, select Pay to proceed with payment for chosen products:


  • Now payment methods will be displayed. Select a payment method to finalize the payment:


  • Now choose how you want to print the receipt, either Email or Print:


  • If you select email, you will be prompted to enter an email address:


    • If you select Printer, the receipt will be printed on the chosen printer. To change the printer used select the printer to open the drop-down menu. 

What's next?

To complete payment of a whole table, check out Payment.

To divide payments by amount and number of customers, check out Divide payments by amount or number of customers

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