Placing an order

This guide explains how to place an order on a table. 

Selecting a table

  • Log into Handy (for info on how to log in, check out Logging in to Handy).
  • You can add orders to table by either using the table map or selecting a table from the list. 

Selecting a table from the table list

  • Select the row representing the table on the start screen:



Selecting a table from the table map

  • To use the table map instead, select the Table map icon:


  • Swipe left and right to change table maps and select the table symbol that you want to add the order to:


  • Table 1 is now selected, as represented by the info in the lower left part of the screen. Add the products you want to send to the table:


Select a different table

  • To select a different table during Order, select the Select table symbol:

  • Select a table from the list and confirm with Select:

  • Table number has been changed:

Sending an order

  • Send the order by selecting the Send symbol at the bottom of the screen:


  • Order has now been sent:


What's next?

To rename a table, check out Renaming a table.

To split an order to a different table, check out Splitting orders.

To perform a table order correction, check out Order correction.

To print a temporary bill, check out Printing a temporary bill.

To complete a payment on a table, check out Payment.

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