This guide explains how to work with AutoAddons.

Addon pages can be assigned to products, so when the product is selected in the Sales mode, the addon page is displayed automatically. This setup is also known as an AutoAddon.

Assigning addon pages to products

  • To assign an addon page to a product, select a product and select the Edit product symbol:


  • In the Edit product menu, Select the Addons tab and select the Add Addon symbol:


  • Add AutoAddons menu is displayed:


  • Following settings can be configured:
    • FreeChoice- Determines if addon is compuslory.
    • InCash - Enables addon in Cash mode
    • InKiosk - Enables addon in Kiosk mode
    • Place - Determines in which order the addon page will be displayed, useful when a product has several addon pages
    • Addon page - Configures which addon page is opened
    • Center - Enables filtration by center
  • For the purpose of this example, we will set the Addon page to Doneness and select OK to confirm:


  • Doneness addon page has now been associated with the product. 


  • If we preview the product in the product page, a "+" will be visible on the upper right corner of the product icon, indicating there are addon pages associated with the product:


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